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Quarterly Newsletter - Sports Day

On behalf of the Management of Sunrise High School, I welcome you all this evening to witness our Sports Day and felicitate the toppers of SSC 2016-17.

It is indeed a privilege and honour to have Dr Amirullah Khan, a renowned economist, amidst us today. Thank you sir for making this event memorable, just by your presence.

Most of you would remember that in 2010, we celebrated fifty years of Sunrise. The event was called ‘A Dream Come True’. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to take you through another journey. A journey I wish to call “Sunrise 2020”. And I hope each one of you will take flight with me on this journey.

Before I begin to walk you through that journey, I would like to give you a minute to think of where you see yourself in 2020. Three years from now. PAUSE.

Now let me make some assumptions with that imagination… A few of you may have thought of a college life, a few of you may have thought of a married life, others may have thought of status quo, and some, disturbed by what they see around them are only complaining. For each one of you, I would request you to dream bigger. And I believe the only way to do so, is through a single-minded focus on education. Despite challenging conditions, let me be the first to tell you, no one can stop you from pursuing your education. Granted that where others can succeed with some effort, a Muslim may have to put in twice that due to certain prejudices. Nevertheless, no one is stopping us from doing that. Believe me that the only way of empowerment is through intellect, which we can gain this through higher education. There is no other way. None.

So now that we understand the important of education, especially higher education, let me share my vision for Sunrise 2020. The management team at Sunrise High hopes that we can help empower you, through 5 key initiatives.

  1. Larger focus on Extra Curriculars including Debates, Chess, Badminton, Oratory, etc…

  2. Project Based Learning, Supplemented by Online Learning including Khan Academy

  3. Fully Digitized Administrative & State of Art Learning System including Tablets and Laptops

  4. Establishment of Technology/Vocational Institute for Women (Hunar Bhi, Rozgar Bhi)

  5. Establishment of Sunrise Junior College for Girls

So let’s dream big together. And scale newer heights together.

Now that I’ve shared my dream, let me ask you again? Where do you see yourself in 2020? And NO status quo or complaining is simply not acceptable. I hope you are thinking of a major, in college/university, you desire to pursue, putting your best effort and topping your college/university, postponing any thoughts of married life until you have graduated. Then deciding to either pursue a career, a doctorate, starting your own business or something else. And I hope you dream of not just for yourself, but on making an impact on the larger society. Like Sania Mirza, Mithali Raj, Afza Tamkanat or the honorable Dr. Amirullah Khan, himself. I strongly believe, looking at each of you, that these dreams have wings. Or as our ex-President Abdul Kalam desired… not just wings, but “wings of fire”. Today each of you in the audience and guests of honor, will witness the talent that simmers within the community, in a nestled corner of Hyderabad. And if nourished, will most definitely soar high.

We believe Sunrise High has many success stories to boast of, from the past. But instead of past glory, let’s focus on the future and strive towards empowerment, not just for our own self but for the entire community inshaAllah.

Sunrise High has now, Alhamdulilaah, completed 59 years of service to the community. And we continue to believe in the importance of education. With the core guiding principles around discipline and a noble nature, we provide an environment where the students can thrive. However, that’s not enough. The emphasis on education needs to continue at home as well. And parents own that responsibility. I request you, the parent, to support your child’s dream, and let them reach for the stars. The opportunities will come inshaAllah. And plenty of them. Especially at this time in India, you would be able to pick from, but what’s important is that you pursue them. And I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that we have in our midst today, a shining example of someone who has dreamt big and made it big in Dr. Amirullah Khan who is an ex-IAS officer.

Soon, the students of Sunrise High will take center stage and showcase their talents confidently and with ease, inshaAllah. And I hope, by the end of the event, each one of you will appreciate your child, the teachers and the administrative staff and be motivated to do more, go above and beyond.

Before I finish, I would like to applaud the entire teaching staff, for their hard work and dedication. We, at Sunrise High, are proud to have the kind of diversity amongst teachers, that others can only wish. And Sunrise High has come this far, through some very talented and dedicated teachers amidst us. And I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a few of them, who have dedicated their lives to this noble cause. Infact, I don’t think of them as teachers, but as guiding lights or pillars of Sunrise High. One of them, Mrs. Mehmooda Azmath, who is in-charge of the High School, has been part of the Sunrise High family for over 30 years. Another, Mrs. Farhathunissa, who is in-charge of the Primary School, has been part of Sunrise High for more than 25 years. In addition, Mrs. B.Sharada, Mrs. Prema, Mrs. D Sharada, Mrs Faheema have put in more than 10 years of commendable service. We are truly indebted to them for their continued support over the years. And they deserve a round of applause.

I would also like to thank the parents and the community members who have showed up today and continue to support Sunrise High throughout its journeys. Now, without further delay, let us begin with the program. As always, I’d like to part with an inspiring ashaar from none other than Allama Iqbal…

Pare Hai Charkh-e-Neeli Faam Se Manzil Musalman Ki,

Sitare Jis Ki Gard-e-Raah Ho, Who Karwan Tu Hai The goal of a Muslim lies beyond the blue sky.

You are the caravan, that the stars follow as dust on the road



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